Brian Duffy

Originally from Glasgow, I am now based in Sawbridgeworth, a small town in Hertfordshire between Harlow and Bishop’s Stortford, approximately 30 miles from central London and a virtual stone’s throw away from Stansted airport, so I am ideally located to cover events in Hertfordshire, Essex and London as well as further afield.

I specialise in news, events and sport with a personal interest in candid street photography and landscapes.

My interest in street photography; capturing moments in time and scenes that we may ordinarily just walk past, led me into the world of photojournalism and I must admit that I get a kick from covering news events such as protests and demos as well as concerts and other entertainment events.

From photographing people going about their daily lives or capturing their passion and energy in the heat of a protest march I have found myself more and more steered towards portraiture, recording people in the workplace, at social events and in a studio set up. I find it very rewarding when my portrait captures the character of the individual.

I also have a passion for sport, particularly football and motorcycling, so the opportunity to photograph these and other sports is extremely satisfying and challenging in equal measure. Working with local newspapers and clubs has given me an opportunity to develop my skills and experience in this area.

One of my ways of “getting away from it all” is photographing landscapes, including city scenes and my favourite location - by the coast or the banks of a Scottish loch. This genre of photography slows me down considerably and I suppose the complete opposite from photographing live events such as news and sport where it’s all about quick reactions and pre-visualising a captured moment.

This is just a small selection of my work, which I intend to update regularly, but you can also follow me on social media via the links below

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Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy